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Brief History of The Wobble Line Dance

Here is a brief histpry of the line dance the Wobble that you may not be familar with.


The dance was brought to our line dance class in 2008 by some line dance instructors from Baltimore who were featured in class that week. The origins of this line dance stems from *instructors in the South East who thought the dance just looked better with this new song that was out.  Friends from the North, saw the dance at an event and brought it to the North east and taught it everywhere they could, including my dance class in 08'.


The line dance was originally called Nasty Girl and was to a different song. It originated out of Philadelphia and was choreographed by "Butterball's Posse" w/ the late Dave Bush, Jr (Godfather of Line Dance) in the mid 90s.  In 2009 Jeremy Stong of Texas changed the name AND placed it with the Wobble song, from there it was known as the Wobble. The Line Dance Queen and members of her group (John and Denise) brought the dance to the Red Rooster in Houston in 2009 and it spread from there all over over town and in Texas.  See me below in the black pants:) take a look at the Nasty Girl being done in 2004 and then you will see what we mean.





The Wobble
Nasty Girl