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I have taught classes at clubs, YMCA's as well as colleges in the area during special events.  My community center classes have included student from all over the world, especially during the summer months.  Teaching line dancers from Australia, China, Germany, Russia and the Philippians has been a great honor. My students travel to Texas from all over the world to join in our line dancing fun at locations in Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson and Baytown, Texas.  I currently teach several classes throughout the week however not all are open to the public. Yes, Line Dance instruction is my full time job! I teach at parties, celebrations, weddings, family reunions and corporate events just to name a few.  I travel often to other cities for line dance summits and workshops, which is two of the ways I keep up with the current line dances. I make many friends at these events and we are known for exchanging each others line dances and ideas, creating a network all over the country. This is how dances such as, "Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble and The Twist" were spread throughout the country. I am also the leader and co-organizer of Houston's own, Royal Court Line Dance Team.  I treasure all of my awards and accolades, including my nominations for line dance of the year in 2010-2016 and Instructor of the Year at the UC Star Awards in Baltimore.  In 2014, 2015 & 2016, I was named Line Dance Instructor of the Year for the ZBT Awards & won 2015 Line Dance of the Year.  You may have also seenme on NBC's, The Today Show in May 2013, the CW in 2014. or Urban Houston Network. Praying for many more dance years to come!


My name is Cheryl Williams, a native Houstonian born in the Kashmere Garden Area. I've had a passion for dance since I was able to walk. My first exposure was in the kindergarten. I would get bored and dance and sing in class until my teacher started putting me in the corner. No one knew what to do with me...I was a mess! It was at my Homecoming Dance in 8th grade were i first discovered a proper outlet for my creativity. I was exposed to line dancing and also SwingOut or 2-Step (as it it sometimes called). I was so amazed and quickly inspired to learn. I took my new found knowledge of these dances and began teaching around the neighborhood. "It's been on every since"!


After graduating from high school, I took a long break from dancing for several years. Little did I know, line dancing had changed a lot from when I was in high school. When I returned to the club scene. I reconized that I still had the rhythm, but there were more moves, spins, turns, and steps which were a little different from back in the day.


It wasn't until a guy asked me to dance at a local Houston club and started putting on his fancy moves and turns that my desire to dance was revived. I thought he was trying to embarrass me, but I soon realized that he knew I could dance and was only trying to bring it out of me. Well, it worked! Since then, I create my very own line dances and enjoy sharing my talent with others. I still enjoy dancing at clubs and I'm known as "The Line Dance Queen" when ever the DJ's and fans see me.  I have worked direct on projects with artist such as JPaul Jr. (Zydeco), Cupid (Dance Party King) Tank (RnB Artist) and Lady Audrey and the Supreme Band (Soul), among others.  When record labels need a hit line dance or chorerographer, they often call me.

The Line Dance Queen

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